Satisfy Your Thirst

Satisfy Your Thirst

From moonshine and craft beer to sweet tea, discover the history, craftsmanship and unique stories behind South Carolina’s most iconic drinks.

Embark on the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour to sip and see South Carolina's wide variety of breweries, distilleries, dairy farms and wineries — as well as the country's one and only tea plantation.


Discover the lore of South Carolina's "Dark Corner," where you'll find a variety of moonshine distilleries serving up handcrafted renditions of one of the South's most treasured spirits. Whether you call it white lightning, hooch, mountain dew or just plain 'shine, South Carolina's white whiskies are perfect for mixing up one-of-a-kind cocktails.

Craft Beer

Flavour and variety are both signatures of the Palmetto State, and the same applies to its craft beer. Sample a variety of home grown ales, lagers, IPAs and stouts and taste for yourself why the craft beer movement has been growing so rapidly across South Carolina. With so many different flavours and styles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy

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Sweet Tea

Summerville, South Carolina has the proud distinction of being the Birthplace of Sweet Tea. Its Sweet Tea Trail provides the perfect opportunity for travellers into and out of Charleston to get off the beaten path for a look at the places and businesses that draw from the area's sweet tea legacy.